Draft London Plan published for Consultation December 2017- Proposed Policy Changes

The draft plan proposes removing current London Plan residential density restrictions, allowing councils and developers to agree their own densities on a site-by-site basis.

The plan introduces targets for each borough for the delivery of housing on smaller sites, defined as those of 25 homes or fewer.

While any relaxation of green belt protection was never on the cards, the draft plan goes further than its predecessor in stating that dedesignation of green belt will not be supported.

Boroughs with opportunity areas are given some flexibility over the plan’s affordable housing threshold. The plan includes a specific policy promoting "purpose-built student accommodation".

Build to rent, a form of purpose-built private rented sector housing, is supported in a dedicated policy.

The draft plan goes further than its predecessor in its level of protection for office space.

Provision of affordable workspace is supported in the revised draft plan. 

The draft plan goes further than its predecessor in its level of protection for industrial land, commentators say.

So-called co-living schemes are supported.

Any schemes that involve the loss of social infrastructure should be refused.

The plan commits the mayor to working with councils in the wider South East.

The draft London Plan is much more detailed and prescriptive than the current version, commentators say.


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